C. Margaret Hall, Department Chair


Department Chair; and, Chair, Curriculum Committee
Email: hallcm1@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Introduction to Sociology


Jose V Casanova


Email: jvc26@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None


Micheal E. Dyson


Email: med52@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None


Robert Groves


Email: bgroves@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None


Kathleen Guidroz


Associate Teaching Professor
Email: kg578@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Introduction to Sociology; Seminar in Transgender Issues


Leslie R. Hinkson


Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Director
Email: lrh27@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Methods of Social Research; Engaging Different Race Ethnicity


Becky Hsu


Assistant Professor
Email: bh297@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Sociological Theory; Global Development and Social Justice


Yuki Kato


Associate Teaching Professor
Email: yk483@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Introduction to Sociology; Culture and Consumption


Brian J McCabe


Assistant Professor
Email: mccabeb@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: The City/Urban Studies; Sociology Senior Seminar


William F McDonald


Co-Director, Institute of Criminal Law and Procedure at the Law Center
Email: wfm3@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None


Dennis McNamara


Park Professor Sociology & Korean Studies, Special Assistant to the University President for China Affairs
Email: mcnamard@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None

Sarah Stiles


Teaching Professor
Email: scs52@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Introduction to Sociology; Flourishing in College and Community; Law and Society


Timothy Wickham-Crowley


Associate Professor
Email: wickhamt@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None



Dameon Vaughn Alexander

Adjunct Professor
Email: da532@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Political Sociology

Elif Andaç-Jones

Adjunct Professor
Email: ea568@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Social Movements

Danielle Berman

Adjunct Professor
Email: db1106@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Food, Farms & Society

Michael P. Burke

Adjunct Professor
Email: mpb122@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Sociology of Health/Illness

Laurie F. DeRose (Brooks)

Adjunct Professor
Director of Research, World Family Map Project Research Assistant Professor, Maryland Population Research Center
Email: lfb26@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Population Dynamics

Guillermo Cantor

Adjunct Professor
Email: gc621@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None

Peter Cookson

Adjunct Professor
Email: pwc26@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Social Innovation; Education Policy

William Daddio


Adjunct Professor
Email: daddiow@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Bioterrorism; Comparative Law Enforcement; Transnational Crime

Anne E. Imamura


Adjunct Professor
Email: aei@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: Japanese Society

Kimberly Lubreski


Adjunct Professor
Email: kah308@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None

Lindsay Owens

Adjunct Professor
Email: Lindsay.Owens@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None

Arthur Piszczatowski

Adjunct Professor
Email: ap1063@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None

Mark Treskon

Adjunct Professor
Email: mt990@georgetown.edu
Spring 2017 Classes: None