Senior Thesis Award

The C. Margaret Hall Senior Thesis Award is given to the graduating senior whose thesis, in the opinion of the Sociology faculty, displays an outstanding research design and methodology; high-quality writing; strong analytical skills; and a notable contribution to sociological knowledge.

All senior sociology majors may submit their thesis for consideration.

Award Winners (2016-Present)

Courtney Fanning smiles holding an award in front of a tan brick wall

2023 Senior Thesis Winner: Courtney Fanning

View of Healy Hall with sun flare

2022 Senior Thesis Winners: Natalie Guarino and Jennifer Martinez Sanchez

Natalie GuarinoThe Meritocracy Myth: The Influence on Demographic Factors on Meritocratic Beliefs at Wealthy College Campuses
Jennifer Martinez SanchezBecoming Essential (and Forgotten) During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Madeline Gibbons Shapiro smiles against a leafy backdrop

2021 Senior Thesis Winner: Madeleine Gibbons-Shapiro

Swiping for Sex or Self?: An Examination of Women and Nonbinary Femmes’ Presentations of Self on Tinder

Helena Oft smiles against a stone house. Her photo is next to a photo of Charlotte Matthews smiling for a headshot

2020 Senior Thesis Winners: Charlotte Matthews and Helena Oft

Helena OftHarm in Healing: Institutional Betrayal by the healthcare system shapes physical and mental health outcomes for victims of sexual assault
Charlotte MatthewsFertility Day 2016: An Analysis of News Reactions to Italian Fertility Marketing Campaigns

Aaron Ray Weinman smiles in a gray suit jacket and purple dress shirt

2019 Senior Thesis Winner: Aaron Ray Weinmann

Anticipating Death: A Strict Religious Adherence’s Impacts On the Perception of Death

Garet Williams smiles against an aquamarine colored brick wall, wearing a blue quarter zip and crossing his arms

2018 Senior Thesis Winner: Garet Williams

Community in Diversity: Social and Cultural Capital and the Coherence of Low Income First Generation Students as a Community at Georgetown University

Victoria Efetevbia smiles in a yearbook photo, wearing their graduation robes

2017 Senior Thesis Winner: Victoria Efetevbia

Black Undergraduate Students’ Experiences with Menstruation at Georgetown University

Michael Crozier smiles for a headshot, wearing a plaid shirtin front of a gray background

2016 Senior Thesis Winner: Michael Crozier

The Great Glass Ceiling: An Analysis of Low-Income Schools in Washington, D.C. and College Readiness