Senior Thesis Award

The C. Margaret Hall Senior Thesis Award is given to the graduating senior whose thesis, in the opinion of the Sociology faculty, displays an outstanding research design and methodology; high-quality writing; strong analytical skills; and a notable contribution to sociological knowledge. Faculty do a blind reading of student theses and then vote. The student’s thesis with the majority of votes is presented the Senior Thesis Award.

Click here for an archive of photos and theses of some of our past award winners.

Award Winners (2016-Present)

YearAward Winner
2023Courtney Fanning
2022Natalie Guarino and Jennifer Martinez Sanchez
2021Madeleine Gibbons-Shapiro
2020Charlotte Matthews and Helena Oft
2019Aaron Ray Weinmann
2018Garet Williams
2017Victoria Efetevbia
2016Michael Crozier