Full Time Faculty

Katharine M. Donato

Interim Chair, Donald G. Herzberg Professor of International Migration
Director, Institute for the Study of International Migration
Interests: International migration, refugees and migrants, health consequences of migration, legal U.S immigration, deportation, gender
Fall 2021 Classes: N/A
Email: kmd285@georgetown.edu

Corey D. Fields

Associate Professor, Idol Family Term Chair
Interests: African American studies, culture and politics, and the relationship between identity, experience, and culture
Fall 2021 Class: Sociological Theory (SOCI 202-01)
Email: cdf46@georgetown.edu

Robert Groves

Provost, Gerard Campbell SJ Professor
Interests: Global cities, statistics, social cognitive and behavioral influences on the quality of statistical information
Fall 2021 Classes: N/A
Email: bgroves@georgetown.edu

Kathleen Guidroz

Associate Teaching Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Interests: Gender, sexuality, transgender studies, victimization studies
Fall 2021 Classes: Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 001-01),
Sociology of Violence (SOCI 191-01)
Email: kg578@georgetown.edu

Becky Yang Hsu

Associate Professor
Interests: Sociology of religion, organizations and institutions, global and transnational sociology, sociology of culture
Fall 2021 Classes: Religion and Sociology (SOCI 136-01),
Happiness and Society (SOCI 284-01)
Email: bh297@georgetown.edu

Yuki Kato

Assistant Professor
Interests: Urban sociology, urban agriculture, food justice, environmental justice, consumption
Fall 2021 Classes: Methods of Social Research (SOCI 201-01),
Environmental and Food Justice Movements (SOCI-274)
Email: yk483@georgetown.edu

Brian J. McCabe

Associate Professor, Faculty Director for Research & Scholarship in Georgetown’s Center for Social Justice
Interests: Housing policy, cities, community, social inequality, poverty and mobility, quantitative methods
Fall 2021 Classes: The City/Urban Studies (SOCI 209-01),
Public Housing: Theory and Practice (SOCI 274-01)
Email: mccabeb@georgetown.edu

Dennis McNamara, S.J.

Park Professor Sociology & Korean Studies, Special Assistant to the University President for China Affairs
Interests: Socio-economic development in East Asia (Japan and South Korea), innovation in Southern China, comparative study of innovation systems
Fall 2021 Class: Consumerism and East Asian Societies (SOCI 226-01)
Email: mcnamard@georgetown.edu

Kristin Perkins

Assistant Professor
Interests: Urban sociology, housing and neighborhoods, family demography
Fall 2021 Classes: Statistics for Social Research (SOCI 203-01),
Urban Inequality (SOCI 219-01)
Email: Kristin.Perkins@georgetown.edu

Sarah Stiles

Teaching Professor
Interests: Ethics, flourishing, global cities, law and society, social entrepreneurship
Fall 2021 Classes: Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 001-02, SOCI 001-03),
Race, Society, and Cinema (SOCI 133-01)
Email: scs52@georgetown.edu

Affiliate Faculty

Pamela Herd

Professor, McCourt School of Public Policy
Interests: Intersection of inequality with health, aging, and policy; survey research, biodemographic methods
Fall 2021 Class: Methods of Policy Analysis (PPOL 622-01)
Email: ph627@georgetown.edu

Eva Rosen

Assistant Professor, McCourt School of Public Policy
Interests: Urban sociology, poverty and inequality, race and ethnicity, ethnography, social policy, immigration, crime, and culture
Fall 2021 Class: Urban Inequality (PPOL 625-01)
Email: ejr73@georgetown.edu

Christine Schiwietz

Assistant Dean for Curricular and Academic Advising
Interests: New technologies & society; gender roles, peace, security and international development
Fall 2021 Classes: SFS Proseminar (INAF 100-75),
International Affairs Internship Qatar (INAF 335-70)
Email: kjs58@georgetown.edu 

Jamillah Bowman Williams

Associate Professor of Law
Interests: Civil rights and discrimination, labor and employment law, psychology, behavioral economics and cognitive science
Fall 2021 Class: Employment Discrimination (LAWJ 150 v05)
Email: bowmanj@georgetown.edu

Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellows

Jaren Haber

Postdoctoral Fellow, McCourt School of Public Policy 
Interests: Organizations, education, computational text analysis, school choice, stratification, quantitative methods 
Fall 2021 Classes: N/A
Email: Jaren.Haber@georgetown.edu

Elizabeth Jacobs

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for the Study of International Migration and Massive Data Institute
Interests: Forced migration, skilled migration, gender, immigrant incorporation
Fall 2021 Classes: N/A
Email: Elizabeth.Jacobs@georgetown.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Elif AndaƧ-Jones

Adjunct Professor
Interests: Middle East, international politics, social policy, survey research
Fall 2021 Class: Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 001-05)
Email: ea568@georgetown.edu

William Daddio

Adjunct Professor
Interests: Terrorism, mitigating bioterrorism, prevention of transnational crime, and medical and social services in conflict areas
Fall 2021 Class: Sociology of Terrorism (SOCI 195-01)
Email: daddiow@georgetown.edu

Britany J. Gatewood  

Adjunct Professor
Interests: Social inequality, criminology, social movements, and scholar activism
Fall 2021 Class: Criminology (SOCI 194-01)
Email: bg700@georgetown.edu

Kimberlee Holland

Adjunct Professor
Interests: Medical sociology
Fall 2021 Class: Sociology of Health/Illness (SOCI 109-01)
Email: Kimberlee.holland@georgetown.edu

Yeris H. Mayol-Garcia

Adjunct Professor
Interests: Demography, children and family, immigration, Latin American
Fall 2021 Class: Latinos/Latinx in the U.S. (SOCI 180-01)
Email: yhm7@georgetown.edu

Gregory White

Adjunct Professor
Interests: Sociology of Education, Civic Education, Educational Transformation, Demography
Fall 2021 Class: Education and Society (SOCI 163-01) 
Email: gregory.white@georgetown.edu

Emeritus Faculty 

Jose V. Casanova

Professor Emeritus, Senior Fellow, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, & World Affairs
Email: jvc26@georgetown.edu

William McDonald

Professor Emeritus
Email: wfm3@georgetown.edu