Faculty and students in the Department of Sociology are engaged in a wide range of research projects. Research efforts are funded through federal agencies, private foundations, and numerous research centers at Georgetown.

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Positioned at the forefront of sociological inquiry, we delve into cutting-edge studies that range from shedding light on individual behavior to unraveling the intricacies of societal change. Explore for yourself the thought-provoking insights and groundbreaking contributions from Georgetown’s dynamic community of scholars, devoted to advancing our comprehension of the social fabric that unites us all.

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Research FAQ

Who is the point person for advising about undergraduate research? How does a student find a faculty research mentor? How do we introduce research to undergraduates? Where should they start? Which skills do undergraduates need to begin participating in research? How will students acquire these skills in our department? May a student earn academic credit for conducting research?

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Research Opportunities

Interested in getting involved in faculty research? Faculty in the Department of Sociology at Georgetown conduct research on a wide variety of topics, including education, race and ethnicity, religion, migration, health, housing, law, environmental justice, families, organizations, politics, culture, and poverty and mobility.

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Student Research Support

Students conducting research for their senior thesis or independent research with a faculty-advisor can request support for research-related expenses up to $300.

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