Books and Edited Volumes

A Recipe for Gentrification
Authors: Yuki Kato, Alison H. Alkon, and Joshua Sbicca
Date Published: July 2020

Refugee and Immigrant Integration: Unpacking the Research, Translating It into Policy
Authors: Katharine M. Donato and Elizabeth Ferris
Date Published: August 2020

The Voucher Promise: “Section 8” and the Fate of an American Neighborhood
Author: Eva Rosen
Date Published: July 2020

The Chinese Pursuit of Happiness
Author: Becky Hsu
Date Published: September 2019

Refugees, Migration and Global Governance: Negotiating the Global Compacts
Author: Katharine M. Donato
Date Published: July 2019

The Criminal Victimization of Immigrants
Author: William McDonald
Date Published: February 2018

Borrowing Together: Microfinance and Cultivating Social Ties
Author: Becky Hsu
Date Published: November 2017

Black Elephants in the Room: The Unexpected Politics of African-American Republicans
Author: Corey Fields
Date Published: October 2016

No Place Like Home: Wealth, Community, and the Politics of Ownership
Author: Brian J. McCabe
Date Published: April 2016

Gender and International Migration: From the Slavery Era to the Global Age
Author: Katharine M. Donato
Date Published: March 2015