Administrative Staff

Department Administrator

Department Administrator
Phone: 202-687-4184

Administrative Assistants

Angel Baeza

Major & Minors: Economics, minoring in Statistics
Interests: N/A
Class Year: Senior

Elin Choe

Major & Minors: Computer Science, minoring in Creative Writing
Interests: games, writing, music, reading, art, Choir, and graphic design
Class Year: Junior

Carmen Stanfield

Major & Minors: Prospective IPOL Major
Interests: baritone saxophone, ecology, policy 
Class Year: Sophomore

Katie Capuano

Major & Minors: Undeclared
Interests: tennis, soccer, band (trumpet), chorus (Alto), drama, Irish dance, ecology, health
Class Year: Sophomore

DTR Tech Assistant

Patrick Ryan

Major & Minors: International Economics, minoring in Math and Spanish
Interests: Sustainability, fitness, CrossFit, consulting
Class Year: 2024