Hoggson Award

Each year, the Sociology faculty review senior sociology majors as possible recipients of the Father Robert Hoggson, S.J. Award for Excellence in Sociology. The award is named in memory of Father Hoggson, who played an important role founding the Department of Sociology at Georgetown.

The award is presented at the Tropaia Ceremony during graduation weekend to one student who has achieved academic excellence and enhanced the well-being of groups/members in society. Recipients must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in all Sociology courses, and a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all courses taken at Georgetown, calculated through Fall semester of senior year. 

Click here for a photo archive of some of our past Hoggson Award Winners.

Award Winners (1983-present):

YearAward Winner
2023David McDaniels
2022Brianna Nicole Rodgers
2021Maya A. Silardi
2020David Perez
2019Amalia “Mali” H. Rubin
2018Dejá Lunyé Lindsey
2017Matthew Palmquist
2016Caitlin Snell
2015Kendall Ciesemier
2014Whitney Pratt
2013Rekha Varghese
2012Crystal Saikhamporn
2011Laila Noureldin
2010Rachel Ellis
2009Rebecca Shinners
2008Jose Zachary Canto Greenfield
2007Jennifer Bonsall & William Godwin
2006Elisa Cervantes
2005Mary Cunniff & Terra White
2004Natasha Dasani
2003Kristen Angela Miranda & Alexandra Fowler Rollins
2002Vanessa Waldref
2001Lisa Michele Chessare & Sabra Gayle Thorner
2000Laura McSpedon
1999Grace Marie Slattery & Amber Claire Waldref
1998Anice Marie Schervish
1997Jessica Marie Thompson
1996Christine Wilson Nollen
1995Bryony Jane Gagan
1994Susan Marie Schroeder
1993Maria Fusco
1992Frederic Gerald Hutchinson & Brian David Inglis
1991Brett Christopher Beehler & Christine Marie Paul
1990Laura McKinley Payne & Noelle Marion Kurtin
1988Pamela Geraldine Alexander
1987Giorgio Giuseppe Piacenza
1986Stacy Teresa Randell
1985Elizabeth Leigh Adame
1983Rosemary Barberet