Hoggson Award

Hoggson Award for Excellence in Sociology

Each year the Sociology faculty reviews its senior sociology majors for possible selection for the Hoggson Award for Excellence in Sociology. This award is named in the memory of Robert Hoggson, S.J., who played a major role in founding the Department of Sociology at Georgetown University. It is presented at the Tropaia Exercises during graduation weekend in recognition of a student’s outstanding command of sociocultural analysis and their attempts to improve the human condition with this knowledge.

There are two criteria that a student must meet in order to be the recipient of this honor: academic excellence and social concern.

Our operational definition of academic excellence is (a) a QPI of 3.5 or better in all sociology courses taken at Georgetown and (b) a QPI of 3.0 or better in all courses taken at the University. Both QPI’s are calculated on the coursework through the fall semester senior year only.

The second criterion, namely social concern, is difficult to operationalize. Our definition of “social concern” is broad and flexible. The criterion itself is intended to recognize and encourage individual student efforts to enhance the well being of the larger social whole to which he or she belongs.

Such efforts can range from helping run parents’ weekend, to volunteer tutoring, serving as a student representative, writing for campus publications, organizing political rallies, participating in college athletics and more. These activities do not have to be at Georgetown or be part of an official Georgetown program.

Hoggson award applications are solicited from seniors in March or April of every year. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Kathleen Guidroz, our Director of Undergraduate Studies, at 202-687-3897 or at kg578@georgetown.edu.

Fr. Robert Hoggson, S.J. Award Winners (1983-present):

David Perez (Winner, 2020)

Amalia “Mali” H. Rubin (Winner, 2019)

Dejá Lunyé Lindsey (Winner, 2018)

Matthew Palmquist (Winner, 2017)

Caitlin Snell (Winner, 2016)

Kendall Ciesemier (Winner, 2015)

Whitney Pratt (Winner, 2014)

Rekha Varghese (Winner, 2013)Crystal Saikhamporn (Winner, 2012)

Laila Noureldin (Winner, 2011)

Rachel Ellis (Winner, 2010)

Rebecca Shinners (Winner, 2009)

Jose Zachary Canto Greenfield (Winner, 2008)

Jennifer Bonsall & William Godwin (Winners, 2007)

Elisa Cervantes (Winner, 2006)

Mary Cunniff & Terra White (Winners, 2005)

Natasha Dasani (Winner, 2004)

Kristen Angela Miranda & Alexandra Fowler Rollins (Winners, 2003)

Vanessa Waldref (Winner, 2002)

Lisa Michele Chessare & Sabra Gayle Thorner (Winners, 2001)

Laura McSpedon (Winner, 2000)

Grace Marie Slattery & Amber Claire Waldref (Winner, 1999)

Anice Marie Schervish (Winner, 1998)

Jessica Marie Thompson (Winner, 1997)

Christine Wilson Nollen (Winner, 1996)

Bryony Jane Gagan (Winner, 1995) 

Susan Marie Schroeder (Winner, 1994)

Maria Fusco (Winner, 1993)

Frederic Gerald Hutchinson & Brian David Inglis (Winners, 1992)

Brett Christopher Beehler & Christine Marie Paul (Winners, 1991)

Laura McKinley Payne & Noelle Marion Kurtin (Winners, 1990)

n/a (1989)

Pamela Geraldine Alexander (Winner, 1988)

Giorgio Giuseppe Piacenza (Winner, 1987)

Stacy Teresa Randell (Winner, 1986)

Elizabeth Leigh Adame (Winner, 1985)

n/a (1984)

Rosemary Barberet (Winner, 1983)