Undergraduate Program

Our program is designed to help students understand the forces that shape human experience and think critically about the challenges confronting communities and society. In our program, students will embark on a journey of discovery as they engage with foundational and current theories and debates in the discipline through cutting-edge research examining some of the most pressing issues of our time. Our majors also learn to develop their own research questions and the statistical and other methodological tools to pursue answers.


The Department of Sociology at Georgetown University brings together faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and students to study and understand local, national, and global challenges and the forces that shape the human experience. Our department promotes ways of imagining and re-imagining the common good and encourages the use of knowledge and skills to realize a more just society. We offer students opportunities to learn and apply these skills through research and experiential learning activities in D.C. and beyond.

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Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society

Alpha Kappa Delta began in 1920 at the University of Southern California. Membership in the group was limited to students having strong academic scholarship and doing research work. In 1924 the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA), faculty from a variety of universities met and established the United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD). In 1927 AKD was admitted to the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS). Since then it has expanded. More than 133,000 scholars have been initiated into AKD; there are 670 chapters in 49 states and six foreign countries.

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Senior Thesis Award

The Senior Thesis Awards represent a distinguished recognition of the outstanding research and academic achievements of senior undergraduate students within the field of Sociology. These awards serve as a testament to the remarkable depth and breadth of intellectual inquiry and scholarship undertaken by these students as they complete their undergraduate education. This accolade not only acknowledges the dedication and intellectual prowess of these students but also underscores the significance of sociological research in addressing contemporary societal challenges.

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Hoggson Award

Each year, the Sociology faculty review senior sociology majors as possible recipients of the Father Robert Hoggson, S.J. Award for Excellence in Sociology. The award is named in memory of Father Hoggson, who played an important role in founding the Department of Sociology at Georgetown. The award is presented at the Tropaia Ceremony during graduation weekend in recognition to one student who has achieved academic excellence and enhanced the well-being of groups/members in society. Recipients must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in all Sociology courses, and a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all courses taken at Georgetown, calculated through Fall semester of senior year.

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Graduating Seniors Celebration

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The Graduating Seniors Celebration is a significant and joyous occasion that honors the years of dedication, hard work, and intellectual inquiry put forth by our graduating seniors. It marks the turning point in their academic journey from their undergraduate years to the next phase of their lives.