Majoring in Sociology

The Department of Sociology offers a major in Sociology. Students who wish to apply to major in Sociology may declare at any time during the academic year.

All students must contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS) to register as a major or minor. As of Fall 2024, the DUGS is Professor Brian McCabe, Prospective majors must schedule an interview with the DUGS.

Requirements for Undergraduate Major

To major in Sociology, students must have an overall GPA of a C+ or higher. We strongly recommend students take Introduction to Sociology before enrolling in other courses in the department. Please consult course descriptions for more information.

Students majoring in Sociology are required to take 10 courses in the department: six (6) required courses, two (2) foundational topics courses (3000-level), and two (2) advanced seminar courses (4000-level). 

Required courses for the major:

Below is the recommended timeline for students to take the required major courses:

Senior Thesis Seminar

The Senior Thesis Seminar (SOCI 4961 and 4962) is a two-semester capstone course in which students conduct research and complete the Senior Thesis. Students should select a topic that relates to an area/subfield of sociology in which they have taken courses.

Foundational Topics Courses

In addition to the courses required for the major, the Sociology Department offers a wide range of foundational topics courses. These lecture courses introduce students to the main subfields of sociology, including religion, family, gender and sexuality, health and illness, race and ethnicity, education, social inequality, social movements, criminology, and urban studies. Below is a list of the foundational courses that have been taught recently.

Advanced Seminar Courses

Advanced seminar courses offer students an opportunity to engage in-depth with specialized topics in the discipline. Recent advanced seminars include the following: