Fall 2007 Student News

Student Named John Kenneth Galbraith Scholar

José Zach Canto, class of 2008, was recently named a John Kenneth Galbraith Scholar (awarded June 2006 from the Harvard Univ. Kennedy School of Government Social Policy Program). He is one of 16 students chosen nationally to participate in a week-long seminar focused on inequality research.

Below is an edited excerpt from the Galbraith Scholar’s profile of José Zach Canto:

José is pursuing a major in sociology and a minor in theology. His academic interests are focused on social stratification, educational inequalities, Catholic social teaching, and urban sociology. These interests have translated into lived experiences where he has taught summer school courses for elementary school children in the District of Columbia through the AmeriCorps program; operated tax preparation clinics for working homeless persons as part of his community-based research with the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty; and served as a community surveyor in the Carver Terrace Redevelopment Project conducted by Georgetown sociologists. Since January of 2006, José has pursued extensive research on the crisis of affordable housing in the District of Columbia through fellowships awarded by the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (GUROP).

José is interested in pursuing graduate degrees in sociology and law in preparation for a career as a professor, lawyer, social activist, and public servant.


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