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Prof. Perkins Publishes Article Evaluating Household Instability in U.S.

Prof. Perkins looks at household composition in the U.S. from 1984-2010 and broadens the definition of household instability to include nonparents. See citation: Perkins, Kristin…

December 6, 2017


Prof. Donato Co-Edits Journal Volume About Gender and Migration

Prof. Donato, Laura Enriquez, and Cheryl Llewellyn write about the importance of using a gender analytical framework when researching migration. See citation: Donato, Katharine.,…

November 6, 2017


Prof. Perkins Co-authors article on Foreclosure Activity and Distressed Properties in NYC

Prof. Perkins, together with Michael Lear and Elyzabeth Gaumer, examine the effects of foreclosure and distressed properties in New York City. See citation: Perkins, Kristin L.,…

September 1, 2017


Prof. McCabe Co-authors Article About Costs and Benefits of Historic Preservation

Prof. McCabe and Ingrid Ellen evaluate the extent to which historic preservation has positive benefits for communities. See citation: Ellen, Ingrid and Brian J. McCabe. 2017. …

September 1, 2017


Prof. Hsu Co-authors Article About Subjective Well-being in China

Prof. Hsu, together with Weiwei Zhang and Christine Kim, investigate whether subjective well-being measures in China are interchangeable. See citation: Weiwei Zhang, and…

August 25, 2017


Prof. Donato Receives NSF Funding to Examine Environmental Drivers of Migration in Bangladesh

Prof. Donato is a co-PI on a new project that examines changing landscape dynamics and human migration in Bangladesh. NSF (National Science Foundation) supports the project with …

August 23, 2017


Prof. Donato Co-authors Article on Children’s Migration Across Mexico-U.S. Border

Prof. Donato and Samantha Perez examine how violence affects children’s migration from Mexico. See citation: Donato, Katharine M. and Samantha Perez. 2017. “Crossing the…

July 1, 2017


Prof. Kato Co-authors Article on Food Justice in Context of Community

Prof. Kato and Laura McKinney write about food justice in New Orleans. See citation: McKinney, Laura and Yuki Kato. 2017. "Community Context of Food Access in a Food Desert."…

May 16, 2017


Prof. Rosen Publishes Article About Narratives of Neighborhood Violence

Prof. Rosen explores in her article how narratives of neighborhood influence moving patterns. See citation: Rosen, Eva. 2017. "Horizontal Immobility: How Narratives of…

March 7, 2017


Prof. Perkins Publishes Article About Adverse Effects of Residential Mobility on Child Wellbeing

Prof. Perkins examines the adverse effects of residential mobility on child well-being by race and ethnicity. See citation: Perkins, Kristin L. 2016. "Reconsidering Residential…

March 1, 2017