Spring 2006 Student News

Graduate Appointed Junior Fellow

Rebecca Medway, a senior sociology major, has been appointed a Junior Fellow of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, which recognizes undergraduate seniors for their outstanding grasp of a discipline’s theories and methods. Rebecca received two Georgetown University Research Opportunity Program Grants to work with Prof. William McDonald, Department of Sociology and Anthropology. She has served as Prof. McDonald’s teaching assistant and was awarded a 2005 Summer Fellowship from the Program in Survey Research Methodology, during which she worked at the Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice. 



Yalda Baktash, class of ’18 (Spring 2016)
Eeuphelma Wangchuck, class of ’16 (Spring 2016)
Caitlin Snell, class of ’16 (Spring 2016)
Danyel Semple, class of ’15 (Spring 2015)
Kendall Ciesemier, class of ’15 (Spring 2014)
Josh Powell, class of ’14 (Spring 2014)
Josh Powell, class of ’14 (Fall 2013)
Adan Gonzalez, class of ’15 (Spring 2013)
Karina Ramírez, class of ’10 (Fall 2010)
Rebecca Shinners, class of ’09 (Fall 2010)
José Zachary Canto, class of ’08 (Fall 2007)
Elisa Cervantes, class of ’06 (Spring 2006)
Rebecca Medway, class of ’06 (Spring 2006)
Alexandra Rollins, class of ’03 (Spring 2002)
Carrie-Ann Ferraro, class of ’03 (Spring 2002)