Fall 2010 Student News

Student Brings Georgetown Student Tutors to Urban High School

By the time Daniel Porterfield, Georgetown’s Senior Vice President for Strategic Development, approached Rebecca Shinners (C’09) about coordinating the Cristo Rey Pre-College Program at Georgetown, the recent graduate had already confronted the challenges of urban education reform as a student, administrator, and special education teacher.

In the summer of 2010, her challenge involved providing three weeks of college preparation programming to the best and brightest students of the Cristo Rey Network, an organization of Catholic high schools founded in 2001 with the aim of educating students with limited opportunities through a unique work-study program. The schools follow the model of the flagship Cristo Rey Jesuit High School of Chicago, which provides a Catholic education alongside real world job experiences, so that students receive rigorous academic preparation and finance the majority of their education through corporate partnerships. 



Yalda Baktash, class of ’18 (Spring 2016)
Eeuphelma Wangchuck, class of ’16 (Spring 2016)
Caitlin Snell, class of ’16 (Spring 2016)
Danyel Semple, class of ’15 (Spring 2015)
Kendall Ciesemier, class of ’15 (Spring 2014)
Josh Powell, class of ’14 (Spring 2014)
Josh Powell, class of ’14 (Fall 2013)
Adan Gonzalez, class of ’15 (Spring 2013)
Karina Ramírez, class of ’10 (Fall 2010)
Rebecca Shinners, class of ’09 (Fall 2010)
José Zachary Canto, class of ’08 (Fall 2007)
Elisa Cervantes, class of ’06 (Spring 2006)
Rebecca Medway, class of ’06 (Spring 2006)
Alexandra Rollins, class of ’03 (Spring 2002)
Carrie-Ann Ferraro, class of ’03 (Spring 2002)