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Sociology Major and Minor Information

The Department of Sociology offers a major and a minor in Sociology. 

Students applying to the major in Sociology with a grade of C+ or better in the introductory course will normally be accepted as majors in the department. At its discretion, the department may provisionally admit a student who fails to meet this requirement and then review its decision after the student completes the required theory (SOCI-202) and methods (SOCI-201) classes.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS) is the advisor for all department majors. Prospective majors must arrange for an interview with the DUGS.

Sociology Major. Students majoring in Sociology are required to take ten courses in the department: five major core courses, two Core Topic Lectures, two Advanced Seminars and one additional elective course from any of the categories (Core Topics Lectures, Special Topics Lectures or Advanced Seminars). The major core courses consist of: Introduction to Sociology, Methods of Social Research, Sociological Theory, Statistics for Social Research, and Senior Seminar where students write a senior thesis.

  • The Methods of Social Research course should be taken in the fall semester of the senior year.
  • Statistics for Social Research is offered once a year. It should be taken during the junior year.
  • The Sociological Theory course may be taken in either fall or spring before the spring semester senior year.

The Senior Seminar is for seniors in their spring semester. The Seminar is a capstone course in which the primary effort is the conduct of a substantial social research project culminating with the writing of a significant senior thesis. The topic for the senior thesis must be chosen from a subject area in which the student has already taken some coursework.

Sociology Minor. Requirements for the minor are Introduction to Sociology, either Methods of Social Research or Sociological Theory, two Core Topic Lectures, one Advanced Seminar, and one additional elective course from any of the categories (Core Topics Lectures, Special Topics Lectures or Advanced Seminars).

We strongly recommend that students take Introduction to Sociology before enrolling in other sociology courses. Introduction to Sociology is listed as a prerequisite for some upper division courses. Please consult with the course descriptions.

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