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Prof. Donato publishes RSF journal volume on U.S. legal immigration

Profs. Donato and Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes co-edit journal volume about the legal landscape of immigration. See citation: Donato, Katharine M. and Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes …

March 21, 2021


Profs. McCabe and Rosen Compare Landlord-Tenant Courts in Four U.S. Cities

Profs. McCabe, Rosen, Nelson and Garboden compare the legal regimes of evictions in Baltimore, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. See citation: Nelson, Kyle, Philip, …

March 4, 2021


Prof. Fields Co-authors Article on Racial Variation in Newspaper Framing of Urban Crime

Profs. Fields and Newman write about rhetorical differences in newspaper coverage of urban crime. See citation: Fields, Corey and Shelby Newman. 2020. “Covering the Dawsons:…

March 1, 2021


Prof. McCabe Co-authors Article on the Housing Choice Voucher Program

Prof. McCabe and Kathleen Moore write about decisions by housing authorities to manage portability. See citation: McCabe, Brian J. and M. Kathleen Moore. 2021. “Absorption…

March 1, 2021


Prof. McCabe Receives Funding To Examine Public Campaign Finance Systems

Prof. McCabe, with Jennifer Heerwig, receive funding to examine public financing systems in several U.S.. …

January 1, 2021


Prof. McCabe Co-Authors Policy Report on the Seattle Democracy Voucher Program

Prof. McCabe and Jennifer Heerwig report on the Democracy Voucher Program and changes to the donor coalition in Seattle municipal elections. See citation: McCabe, Brian and…

December 16, 2020


Prof. Donato Co-authors Article on Extreme Weather and Marriage Among Women, Girls in Bangladesh

Prof. Donato, together with Amando Carrico, Jonathan Gillian and Kelsey Best, write about the relationship between extreme weather patterns and marriage for Bangladeshi girls and…

November 1, 2020


Prof. Rosen Co-authors Article About Landlords Understanding of Role in Affordable Housing

Profs. Rosen and Philip Garboden write about the role of landlords in paternalistic poverty governance. See citation: Rosen, Eva and Philip Garboden. 2020. “Landlord:…

October 23, 2020


Profs. McCabe and Rosen Co-Author Report on Evictions in Washington DC

Profs. McCabe and Rosen co-author report that examines housing stability in Washington DC and eviction filings. See citation: McCabe, Brian and Eva Rosen. 2020. “Eviction in…

October 8, 2020


Prof. Donato Co-authors Article About Medical-Legal Partnerships Serving Immigrant Communities

Prof. Donato, together with Avery League, Nima Sheth, Elizabeth Shelden, Sheetal Patel, Laurie Ball Cooper and Emily Mendenhall, evaluate the medical-legal partnerships serving U…

September 25, 2020