Kathleen Noel Benz

Many at Georgetown will join in mourning the loss of a colleague and friend. Kathleen Noel Benz, C’07 and executive assistant in the Office of the Provost, died Saturday, May 29, in Alaska. We share her family’s stunned sense of loss and grief.

Kathleen had seven years with us. She was attending the Georgetown wedding of one of her classmates this weekend. A group traveling together found themselves facing an oncoming truck crossing the center line on a rural highway; Kathleen was the only fatality in the ensuing accident.

As an undergraduate, Kathleen was a Sociology major. She was very active in Campus Ministry and served as a retreat leader, liturgical minister and Vice-Regent of the Catholic Daughters. After graduation Kathleen served three years as the Executive Assistant to Associate Provost Marcia Mintz.


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